How to Discover About New Droid Phones Being Released - Android Most recent Sdk Version 2.2

New Android models are being released continuously. When a person is looking to discover about the next cool new phone it may be tough to get info unless you know where to look. This write-up will help you and offer info on how you can find out about new Droid cell phones.
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An important step is to go to online Droid forums. You will find a great deal of Android forums all over the web and they are all competing for viewers so they all try to be the first to get breaking news. Some of these forums are run by people who have connections using the cell phone manufacturers to get pictures and information of cell phones that have not been released to the public or even announced yet for that matter.
Numerous individuals think that some cell phone manufacturers intentionally send pics and info to probably the most well-liked Droid forums to generate excitement about new models they'll be debuting soon.
An additional location to find out about new Droid cell phones is the wireless carrier's retail shops. However, this can take some tact to discover about new Droid cell phones from the workers who work at these shops. Numerous times these employees know about Android devices that are going to be released soon, but they're instructed not to inform clients. The trick to getting info from these people is to go into the retail shops at a time when it'll be empty, for example on a Tuesday when everybody is at function. There ought to not be many individuals within the store at a time like this, then you are able to have a chance to speak to the store associate for a few minutes and see if you can get any information about new models coming out from him or her. This information will help you find the most recent news about Droid cell phones.
The more Droid forums you go to and combine this with stopping into 1 or 2 of the retail locations mentioned above and you are able to be one of the first to know of about new Droid models which will be released within the near future. This can help individuals who are thinking of getting a model that's presently available on the Android program, or whether to wait it out in case there is a device that is not presently accessible that might be a much better fit for your requirements. With Android you usually do not have to wait lengthy prior to there is an exciting new device is on the horizon!
Android Latest Sdk Version 2.2
Google moving quick within the smart phone race released a brand new version of Android SDK - Froyo in may. Froyo is an Alias given to android's newly launched SDK version 2.2. Using the day to day increasing demand of Android and its applications, a perfect compettion has been established in Application development Marketplace with over an 50k Applications.
This is update list for the Android 2.2:
1.Nexus 1: It has been updated as this is the flagship phone pg Google.2.HTC EVO 4G Also been updated being the very first carrier specific device to recieve the upgradation.3.Motorola Droid [Updated] this verzion was rolled out in August shortly, after the EVO. Enabling Adobe Flash Support. For obtaining this functionality user need to redownload the software from the Adobe marketplace.4.HTC Droid Extraordinary [UPDATED]5.HTC Desire [UPDATED]: Began with the unlocked version of the phone now rolling out on carrier - branded devices.6.Motorola Droid X [UPDATED] : Started using the My Touch 3G later included MyTouch 3G Slide and MyTouch Fender Limited Edition .7.Acer Liquid E [NEW ADDITION]: this was updated for his liquid E Handset and the update was availiable directly from the download center.8.Dell Streak [UPDATED]: Call it a tablet, call it a phone, call it whatever you want -- Dell's plus-sized Android device is finally obtaining its fill of Froyo.
There are lots of other phones that are expected to obtain Froyo within the comming Future including
HTC WildfireSamsung InterceptMotorola DefySamsung Galaxy SLG AllyMotorola MilestoneSamsung TransformHTC LegendMotorola BackflipSony Ericsson Xperia X10Motorola Backflip
Froyo will further expected to Tab into the corporate Market for providing exchange compatibility, security functions and syncing calender facilities. Till now Google as a Enterprise has suffered a great deal of inacceptance from the corporate world due to the information and privacy concerns.
Presently devices which are equipped with the Froyo are tagged with the error collecting application so as to get the reports on the various errors and bugs faced by users. Still numerous Android Application development firms have adopted Froyo as component of the Android family members and has been developing applications to ensure that users have full access to the Froyo's capabilities.